Look How CUTE! & check out the give away!

I love getting to see my goods in action!!!
the look so cute in their little matching tees!!!

Check them out here --
where their mom is hosting an

It's a great blog -
she host tons of reviews and giveaways --
definitely one to keep on your lists

for a chance to win a free Tee



Just found the BEST blog ever --
According to me --- haa ha ---

I am always saying -
as I look through and covet
all the beautiful things in the pottery barn catalogs -
Williams Sonoma -- Land of Nod --
Crate and Barrel - and lots of other goods --

Look how simple this
perfect piece of furniture is --
I bet I could build that!

Well this blog I just spent
about the past hour puttin' around on is amazing --
She said the same thing-- & then actually did it!! haha

The great thing about the blog -
is that she shares the plans -
for the things she has made!!
we are talking
$50 Home made Dining Room Tables -
$100 Beds, Amazing stuff!!!

Think of the money that can be saved --
& the time save because you don't have to sit and
Figure out what to buy & write out plans!
She has done most of the hard work for us!

I am In LOVE!!! Thank you Ana White -- You are amazing!
I can't wait to use one of your plans/patterns!!


Little Galyan Girl - Blowin' Bubbles!


id you ever wonder what was with
the little girl blowing bubbles up in my Logo...
well - it is more than just a
cute graphic somethin' or another...

That is an actual little girl that I love and adore!
--- and she belongs to my cute Bff Jill -
Love ya little Galyan Girl -
You look so cute in my header!

Jill took a cute picture of her daughter blowing bubbles
& tuned it into that amazing silhouette!

Well guess what!
She just opened an ETSY shop &
she'll turn your kiddos pictures into cute silhouettes too!

Among a few other adorable things she has added! :)
Like these adorable little guys!
I am thinkin' Kylie
might need a set of these!

& these make me want to go digging through
all my old notebooks and find little doodles
like this that she made for me &
have her turn them into handmade numbers like this!
I love it!

Jill is so fun and crafty & creative...
& I am so glad she is going to share the cuteness!

& the inspiration for my logo here... :)

ps... she is having a little giveaway
to celebrate the grand opening... check that out here...

and the winner is...

True Random Number Generator 45Powered by RANDOM.ORG

Using a random # generator I came up with # 45 -
then to keep it truly random -
chose 45 names of the 54 entries out of a hat...
and landed on.

Mindy M

thanks Mindi & all who entered!
It's always fun to have a give away!

Mindi go ahead and email me with your choice of prize
@ imaginethatbychris {at} yahoo {dot} com

thanks again!

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