Look How CUTE! & check out the give away!

I love getting to see my goods in action!!!
the look so cute in their little matching tees!!!

Check them out here --
where their mom is hosting an

It's a great blog -
she host tons of reviews and giveaways --
definitely one to keep on your lists

for a chance to win a free Tee


Ashley said...

Aww, thanks! They do look SO adorable in their shirts and I'm definitely going to have you make Number tees for their birthdays in a couple months. :)

Chris said...

Sounds like a plan!

JulieL said...

You've been nominated for the Beautiful Blogger Award! Go to my blog to pick it up! http://colorwithstitches.blogspot.com/

Chris said...

Thanks Julie - That is soo nice!

Sweet Harper said...

Hi! Just found you from the children's showcase on Etsy-adorable stuff!

Tracy @ mysweetharper[dot]blogspot

Chris said...

How Fun is that! Thanks Tracy - Your Blog/Etsy is great too!!

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