ESTY Shop Re-Opening!!! YAY!!


PEACE baby!

Made a couple of new Crayon rolls this week --
put this one up in the Imagine That! ETSY Shop...
Check it out here...

Also made this one -- but ya' can't have it -- "sorry"
It belongs to my little Guy -- but I love how it turned out
He was feeling like his old one was a little "babyish"
whatever that means - 7 is still a baby right (i wish)
Anyway he loves "Volcom" & Skatboarding & all that Jazz
So he got a volcom Crayon roll - & He loves it!
He actually jumped for joy -- Love that!


ooooohhhhhh so cute!!!

Found this great tutorial the other day -
A sweet little Scarf ---
Just right to go with all my little girls
fall outfits for back to school!!
Aren't they cute!!
Can't wait to make 'em!


Back to School

My kiddos go back to school tomorrow -
it is so cute how excited they are

Ohhh... Back to school is so fun --
as nerdy as it is - My husband & I both have a ridiculous love of school supplies -- we love to go & stock up on all the great deals to be had right before school start - we are talking a lot o' school supplies - I mean we are encouraged to have a year supply of food - I am pretty sure we get a year supply of school supplies every year - it's pretty funny.

There is just something about new crayons and pencils -
Don't know what it is but just love 'em.

I totally understand the sentiments expressed
by Meg Ryan's Character in "You've Got Mail"

"Don’t you love the fall? It makes me wanna buy school supplies."
"I would send you a bouquet of newly sharpened pencils if I knew your name and address."

I wish somebody would send me
this bouquet of freshly sharpened pencils -- they are adorable -
& I am thinking my little girl would love to do
her cute little first grader homework with 'em too! haha :)


I Heart BUTTONS...

I love Buttons -- one of my favorite possessions is my giant Jar of buttons -- there is always something I can do with the button Jar... and you know My kiddos love it too - My daughter will sit forever & just look through the the jar - sort the buttons - count the buttons... I have often used them to help the kids with their math homework, not to mention the innumerable amounts of crafty thing that buttons can be used for... so many fun things to do with 'em -- Besides that they just look so pretty sitting on the shelf in their Jar...

Found this fun tutorial today over @

For a Button Headband... Go check it out
I love it!

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