CHeck it!

Find this Baby Calendar for sale
over in Imagine That! Specials.

Here's my great Idea --
so you get this cute and adorable calendar --
put it in your cute little baby's room &
keep track of all the things they do in their first year -
& each month - after your calendar is full -
slap that calendar into your little ones scrapbook -
& your scrapbook journaling is done!
This is how I did my kids Baby Books!
& they are perfect even if you
only do the 12 calendars
with one photo slapped on the other
side of a 2 page layout -
You will be able to see your
baby's growth in the 1st year!
These have been so fun to look
back at with my kiddos!

See sample Calendar/scrapbook pages below
Baby's 1st year!



Give away at the apronista 
go sign up before the 11th to win one of these 
adorable & stylish aprons from The Hip Hostess!
I loved the one above and a cute tiny one so Kylie and I could match.. 

So cute - don't miss out!


The next little baby that comes into my world
is definitely getting a set of blocks like these.
from createdbymom.com

I also found this really cute similar product 
& equally as cute - at the Land of Nod


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