Lack o' Storage space....

So now that I am finally unpacking my crafty office stuff after moving & setting up House - I am finding myself having to be very creative storage wise -- I sure miss the cute little office I had in our old house, but at least I still have all the fun things that went into that cute little office for me to play with, Right?

Now if I could just get set up
and let my creative juices loose
for the first time in a long while -
Can't wait!

Found this great Idea while perusing around the
Internet world of crafty and creative peoples'
Isn't is great - may have to have one
of theses once I get all our darn boxes out of my way :)

Do you guys have any other small space storage
Ideas for my craft office -
any reccomendations welcome -


Guru said...

seems great to me....


tom said...

seen alot of scrap booking sites but not a button one till now, very nice, blessings tom

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