and the winner is!!!!

Ok people ---
it is 12:30 and I would like to annonce the winners
of the Imagine That! Binky Clip Givaway!!!!

Congratulations to....

Hunt Family Ramblings!!!


Barefoot Gypsy Girl!!!

Thank You for Joining in the fun!!!!

Please e-mail me to claim your prize!!!


And I know I said there would only be 2 winners!
but because her name was mentioned a good 15 - 20 times!
Heather of "The Corterie"
will be our honorary winner!!!
thank you heather! You rock!!!
you too will be recieving 2 free binky clips!!!
Please email me to claim your prize!!!

Congrats Guys!!!!


Anonymous said...

THANK YOU I am so excited!!! These clips are darling and I have just the lucky baby to give it to. xo

Heather said...

Thank you!! You are WAY too kind!

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